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My Health and Fitness Journal/Planner (How I keep Track of my Diet and Exercise)

How to keep a weight loss journal. How to Make Food Journaling Work for You

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A good starting journal might record: But if your goal requires a complete breakdown of the food you're eating—from calories to grams of fiber—web-based apps can take away the burden of tracking nutrients by hand. Turn tedious tracking into your own success story with fresh ideas for keeping at it.

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Journal of Applied Psychology, March ; vol 91 2: It's a no-brainer tool if you're trying to lose weight, determine food allergies or triggers, or manage certain health conditions. Write down other items you think are important, such as how you felt physically and emotionally when you finished eating, what and how much exercise you got that day, any medication you took, and your blood sugar results, if you have diabetes. But experts say your record will be more accurate if you do it right after eating.

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Do you always drink too many beers with certain friends? Journal of the American Dietetic Association, August ; vol 8 suppl:

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In fact, a researcher from one recent study says that people keeping a food diary six days a week lost about twice as much weight as those who kept food records one day a week or less. If you have a very simple goal, like increasing veggies and fruits in your diet, the pen and paper method might be your best bet. Here are some of the great things a weight loss diary can help us do: Try to include exact serving sizes.

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